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Can I change my whole program?

Absolutely - you can do so by pressing the 'Change Goal' button on the Dashboard. You're free to change your nutrition goal as frequently as you like, however to avoid your workouts ever doubling up, you'll only be able to change your training program up to once per day.

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How does my program progress?

This depends on your goal. Every program in the MyPhysique platform is designed to progress in some way, usually by increasing volume. Each week however, is  key stepping stone in order to get to the next, as each of the evidence-based training programs on the platform have been built out over an extended period of time. How much that volume increases is dependent on your goal, as it’s easier to increase volume in a strength or hypertrophy phase, but the aim is always to get your stronger & able to handle more total training volume over time.

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How quickly can I begin?

As quickly as it takes you to fill out our brief questionnaire & get you into the system. Once you've run through the registration process & entered your payment details, you'll be immediately taken to your dashboard where you'll be able to access your daily calorie & macro targets, revise them further in line with your personal preferences & access your training program.

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I've been lifting weights for years, can I still use MyPhysique?

Absolutely. Your evidence-based training program of choice will be tailored to your individual strength requirements & push you in line with how strong you are, whilst offering as much accountability as you want inside the Nutrition & Check-in sections of the Dashboard.

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If I'm new to resistance training can I still follow the program?

Absolutely. Not only is your training program of choice tailored to your individual strength levels, but each of the exercises inside the MyPhysique platform contains a 'How-To' video to help you with performing it. In addition to that, there are additional longer-form exercise instruction videos inside the Dashboard.

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Is 'MyPhysique' available on iPhone & Android?

Sure is - simply download it from the App Store or Google Play store & log in with the credentials you used to register for MyPhysique with.

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My goals revolve around fitness, endurance or aerobics, is MyPhysique for me?

MyPhysique can work well for endurance athletes & people looking to improve their fitness because of its adaptive nature, however the training programs included in your smartphone app primarily focus on strength, hypertrophy & power. If you're looking to get stronger, build more muscle or improve your power within your athletic gaosl, then brilliant we can help.

As far as nutrition is concerned, endurance athletes do tend to require a relatively large calorie intake to support their activity, and the system will ultimately detect this based on data collected at weigh-ins and adjust the macro recommendations accordingly as you complete check-ins over time.

Primarily, MyPhysique has been designed for those people looking to improve their body composition, strength & confidence.

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What do I do if I have a question about the app or if I feel something has gone wrong?

You can submit a support ticket or email support@myphysique.io & our support team will be able to assist within 24 hours.

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What happens if I have a question?

In addition to a designated support team, we have an even more extensive FAQ section inside the dashboard, filled with all of the questions & answers using the MyPhysique system might present you with. If you can't find an answer, simply reach out to the support team & they'll answer any question you have!

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What if I can only commit to 'X' amount of gym sessions per week?

No problem. Each of our flagship evidence-based training programs comes with a 3 day per week, 4 day per week, 5 day per week & 6 day per week training option.

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What if I can't do an exercise in my program?

Inside the MyPhysique app, selecting any exercise will open up the designated sets, reps & empty box for you to enter the value of the weight you lifted. To the bottom left of screen is a substitution button, whereby you'll have the opportunity to swap any exercise you can't do. Perhaps you're injured, or simply don't have access to certain machines. We'd suggest always substituting for a similar exercise wherever possible that targets a similar muscle group.

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What if I don't like an exercise in my program?

Generally speaking, your workouts have been created with the most up to date evidence-based research to ensure you have enough of what you need combined with a lot of what you want to achieve your nominated goal, however if you really don't like an exercise inside your program you can use the substitution button (located to the left of the SAVE button on the exercise data entry screen) to swap it out for another exercise. If you are going to do this, we'd highly recommend you select an exercise in the 'Select a similar exercise' drop down menu.

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What's the age cut-off for MyPhysique?

If the user is not a legal adult, he or she must receive parental consent before using the system, as well as consult a physician before following the nutritional recommendations & training programs provided by MyPhysique.

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Where can I see how much cardio I should be doing?

MyPhysique is a cardio free zone - when it comes to body composition, cardio is simply a tool to assist with sending you into or further into a calorie deficit, but because the vast majority of people (in our experience) don't actually enjoy cardio, we've removed it. Instead, we'll help you lose fat (if that's your thing) through your training program and by controlling your intake via macronutrient and calorie targets. We've included some bonus cardio-style workouts inside the Dashboard in case that is your thing, but there's no need to be worried about performing a bunch of cardio - the only way that will happen is if you wish to add it in on top of your programming.

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Why do the training programs not include training to failure?

There's a number of reasons why training to failure consistently doesn't make sense in the long term.

1. You’re more likely to get injured. When you’re injured, you can’t train properly, and that could mean you ultimately end up losing muscle as a consequence of spending time out of the gym. Training to failure is very demanding on the body & by constantly pushing yourself to your absolute limits, the risk of injury naturally becomes far higher. 

2. Going to failure is MASSIVELY demanding on your central nervous system. Central nervous system fatigue is rather debilitating, and will drastically affect your ability to perform in the gym in addition to your ability to recover. Consistently going to failure when you train will contribute to far more central nervous system fatigue. 

3. Training to failure is not necessary for building muscle. You need to stimulate, not annihilate - the driving force behind building muscle is progressive overload (lifting more and more total training volume over time). You don't need to be consistently going to failure in order for this to happen. Plus, how do you continue increasing volume over time after you've reached failure a few times? How can you possibly hope to continue doing more than failing? You'll inevitably end up seeing a reduction in training volume because you can't possibly continue to lift 'more'. 

4. It's likely you'll allow poorer execution to bleed into your workouts. Perhaps not something that is necessarily going to happen, however there's certainly a greater risk of your form deteriorating when consistently going to failure, and that could mean you struggle to target the specific muscles in question (the ones that you're actually trying to target).

5. While your muscles may take a pounding on a set where you go to failure, your joints and tendons do too. Going consistently to failure all the time is a surefire way to leave you with pains, sprains and strains. Ever had Golfers Elbow or Tennis Elbow or any pain in your elbow? That's an overuse injury, and we'd prefer you avoided those. 

6. You’ll eat into your recovery. You can only build muscle/ gain strength/ lose fat as fast as you can recover. If you’re consistently destroying yourself and going to failure every time you train, your recovery is going to go way down which in turn will affect your performance. 

7. You hit plateaus far sooner. Getting stronger consistently requires sub-maximal training. If you’re always training maximally, you’re going to be stagnant for far longer, as there's simply no room for improvement or progression when you're constantly pushing your limits.

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Will I need access to gym equipment?

Yes - at present MyPhysique only caters to those who have an active gym membership or have access to gym equipment, as resistance training provides the foundation for improving body composition.

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