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How quickly can I begin?

As quickly as it takes you to fill out our brief questionnaire & get you into the system. Once you've run through the registration process & entered your payment details, you'll be immediately taken to your dashboard where you'll be able to access your daily calorie & macro targets, revise them further in line with your personal preferences & access your training program.

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I don't need to lose a lot of weight, I just want to get a bit leaner. Is that possible?

The MyPhysique platform caters for a wide variety of goals, including dieting for fat loss, building strength & muscle, reverse dieting & maintaining your body weight. Within each of those respective categories, we've also built in the opportunity for you to chase each specific goal at the rate you want, so whether you have a little or a lot to lose, you'll be in complete control over how much you lose & how quickly you lose it.

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I want to get very lean/ compete in a bodybuilding show/ do a photo-shoot, is MyPhysique for me?

Absolutely. There's no difference between losing a little weight or a lot - simply the amount of time involved in an active fat loss phase. You'll be able to remain in an active fat loss phase using the MyPhysique system for as long as you want, so if getting on stage is your aim you'll be able to achieve that.

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I've been lifting weights for years, can I still use MyPhysique?

Absolutely. Your evidence-based training program of choice will be tailored to your individual strength requirements & push you in line with how strong you are, whilst offering as much accountability as you want inside the Nutrition & Check-in sections of the Dashboard.

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If I'm new to resistance training can I still follow the program?

Absolutely. Not only is your training program of choice tailored to your individual strength levels, but each of the exercises inside the MyPhysique platform contains a 'How-To' video to help you with performing it. In addition to that, there are additional longer-form exercise instruction videos inside the Dashboard.

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Is there a minimum commitment?

No, you can cancel at any time with the click of a button. No need to contact support, simply do so right inside the dashboard.

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My goals might be different to somebody else, how do I know your plan will work for me?

Every single users' nutritional requirements & macronutrient targets are tailored to them as an individual & once they've chosen the appropriate evidence-based training program it will be tailored to their individual strength requirements. Each training program has been formulated with the latest evidence-based research in mind, to ensure you optimise the time you spend in the gym.

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What happens if I have a question?

In addition to a designated support team, we have an even more extensive FAQ section inside the dashboard, filled with all of the questions & answers using the MyPhysique system might present you with. If you can't find an answer, simply reach out to the support team & they'll answer any question you have!

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What if I can only commit to 'X' amount of gym sessions per week?

No problem. Each of our flagship evidence-based training programs comes with a 3 day per week, 4 day per week, 5 day per week & 6 day per week training option.

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