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Dropped Over 20kg!

'I always used to be a bigger guy and hated the idea of dieting because I couldn't stand having to give up my favourite foods. MyPhysique meant I didn't have to - I've never looked back since.'

Lost 12kg!

'I never knew just how many calories I was eating before I started tracking my intake and being a part of the 'MyPhysique' community. Dieting by numbers made everything SO much easier - I lost 10kg of body fat and have kept it off with ease, without having to give up my social life, my women's soccer team & my favourite foods at all.'

Lost 10kg for Vegas

'I got pool-party ready ahead of a Vegas Trip in just 12 weeks eating foods I love & doing nothing but lifting weights. Before 'MyPhysique' I was known as the six-meal-per-day guy amongst friends, but now they're the ones with all the questions.'

Lost 8kg Body Fat

Before 'MyPhysique' I was under the impression to get lean you'd need to suffer - flexible dieting gave me the tools to understand what I was actually eating & the power to eat more foods I enjoyed whilst dieting down & maintaining virtually all of my muscle'.

Dropped 15kg

'I did a pretty filthy bulk for a long time & gained a little too much weight for my liking, so thought I'd do things properly when the time came to cut. I'm 15kg down & dieting with ease thanks to 'MyPhysique' - this has been so much easier than I thought.'

Lost 30kg

'I've struggled to find a way to diet that allowed me to stick to it for long periods of time - 'MyPhysique' changed all of that. Dieting is hard enough - but with macro tracking and a better understanding of what it is I'm eating, this has been the easiest diet I've ever followed, I wish I started sooner.'

Lost 6kg & Hit The Stage!

'I was always under the impression that dieting for a show meant immeasurable pain & suffering but with macro tracking & the peaking protocol miniseries in the 'MyPhysique' membership portal I was able to look tighter and leaner than ever & place in my first show.'

Lost 7kg

'I never knew dieting could be this easy. I didn't have to do any cardio, and I didn't have to give up my favourite foods. My friends were eating out of tupperware & I was eating burritos. MyPhysique was a game changer.'

Lost 10kg & Competed

'Flexible dieting made getting stage lean almost enjoyable. I never thought I could look like this and still eat some junk food,, and I only ever had to do 30 minutes of cardio a week.'

Dropped 6kg While Reverse Dieting!

'I really thrived on the accountability - checking in each week during my reverse diet held me to my diet, and knowing that a solid week could result in eating more calories was motivation enough!'

Lost 6kg

'I thought I was 'eating well' before I began tracking my macros, but that soon came crashing down. I learned so much about what was actually in the food that I was eating - from there controlling my diet became so much more intuitive and I really understood the whole nutrition thing so much more.'

Lost 13kg

'I was the typical bro-dieter before this, eating six times per day and then binge-eating on the weekends. Tracking my macros and eating foods I liked every day meant that I never felt the need to lose control on the weekends, and all of a sudden I was able to see the scales drop consistently.'

Lost 8kg

'My waist is tighter than it's ever been yet my diet has never felt restricted. Tracking my macros and looking at food in terms of numbers has given me control over my reality.'

Lost 9kg

'I couldn't believe how much easier MyPhysique made my life - tracking my macros was so easy, and having the opportunity to eat more calories and carbs on weekends suited me perfectly. Easiest diet I've ever followed.'

Lost 7kg

'I've never felt this lean or so in control - I used to diet and hope to wake up looking better, but with MyPhysique holding me accountable I know I'm going to every day I hit my macros.'

Built Glutes!

'I never realised how little I was eating before this - now that I track my macros and check-in each week I can make sure I'm eating enough to actually build the muscle & glutes I've always wanted.'

Lost Over 20kg!

'Flexible dieting changed my life. I never understood dieting before - now it's a simple task that has been turned into a habit. No more chicken and rice - I eat what I feel like in moderation and am in complete control. No more frustration.'

First in Men's Physique

'I never thought I could get this lean, let alone do so eating ice cream every day. Breaking everything down into numbers made it so much easier to understand. I finally feel like I know what I'm doing, rather than guessing and hoping for the best all the time.'

Lost 7kg!

'I've always trained a lot, but never understood why I wasn't getting any leaner. MyPhysique helped me understand the importance of calories and macros - I'll never look back.'

Lost 11kg & Competed

'Easiest prep I've ever done, and the leanest I've ever been, all whilst eating pancakes and pop tarts. Check-in system made life super easy & having my macros updated on the fly meant I could continue to plan ahead and ensure I was able to remain consistent all the way up to the day of my show.'

Lost 12kg

'Tracking macros gave me a new lease on life. I always struggled to stick to a meal plan and eat the same thing every day. IIFYM offered me enough variety to stick to the plan for long enough that now I look like this - epic.'

Gained 5kg

'I always wanted to build muscle and change my body shape but never really knew how to do it - having a coach meant I didn't need to worry about what I was doing, instead just focusing on following my program and checking in each week for updates.'

Dropped 14kg

'I can't stand to eat the same thing every day - flexible dieting changed my perception of dieting and my ability to actually stick to a program. 14kg so far and no plans of slowing down!'

Placed 4th in WBFF!

'I placed top 5 in my first show without having to resort to chicken & vegetables once - dieting is always hard but this made it easier than it's ever been before.'

Lost 15kg

'I'd never seen my abs before following the program, and now I love the way that I look. It only took me a couple of days to realise that this is actually SO easy to do! Flexible dieting and tracking my macros has changed my life forever.'

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