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How Does Work?

What is MyPhysique?

‘MyPhysique’ is a full-suite digital macro-coaching & programming platform. The premise - build your physique with MyPhysique. The challenge in the fitness industry today is not only a heavily saturated market, but a lack of access to good coaching & sound advice at an obscenely affordable price. MyPhysique will change that.

How does it work?

Each user runs through an extensive on-boarding system that will determine their daily calorie & macronutrient needs, using a wide variety of information, dietary history & personal preferences. The site then calculates your daily calorie & macronutrient needs & tweaks them in real time as you check-in each week, as if you were checking in with your own coach. In doing so, the system will also store & keep track of all your progress related metrics & progress pictures to allow you to make more informed decisions about how best to move forward as the extensive coaching algorithm controls your diet through macronutrient targets & nutritional guidelines.

Based on the answers to the questions during the registration process, you'll also be provided with the most appropriate evidence-based training program, tailored to your individual strength requirements to push you closer to your nominated goal. View your workouts, track your training sessions & watch video tutorials for all of the exercises inside your training program on the MyPhysique smartphone app, available for both iPhone & Android.

This is the digital coaching platform that eliminates the need for a coach, or for you to spend an exorbitant amount of money on one.

Build your physique, your ideal diet & your dream lifestyle with MyPhysique.

Meet the Team

Nick Cheadle

Nick Cheadle has been on the MyPhysique team since day 1 & is one of our main Content Contributors. Nick Cheadle & flexible dieting go together like peanut butter & jelly, eggs & avocado, fries & gravy - all of which you'll be able to eat on a daily basis when you fit them into your macros using our algorithms. Nick was a hardcore 'clean-eater' in his early days - a fate that has since seen him push to learn more about flexible nutrition & share it with the world. He specialises in helping people chase the body of their dreams without having to put their lives on hold - I think he might have stolen our mantra!

Austin Current

Austin Current joined the MyPhysique team as a content creator and program designer in early 2019. He started his flexible dieting journey in 2013, shortly before becoming the second youngest male to earn his pro card as a physique athlete in the IFFB, all while eating the occasional pop tart, burger and giant bowl of ice cream (his favourite). AC’s mission is to make sure you gain a fundamental understanding of how to create a balanced diet and enjoy your favourite treats guilt free, as well as provide you with world-class training programs you can use at any fitness level. You deserve nothing less!

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