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Nutrition Plan

The MyPhysique Quiz (you do this when you sign up) automatically calculates your calories and macros based on the information you give it. It asks a lot of questions, so it can be as accurate as possible. Better yet, it updates your calories and macros every time you check-in to push you towards your goals faster, while you eat foods you love.

Do It Your Way

You're in complete control. Change your training program, your carbs and fats if you don't like the way they've been set, add high/ low calorie days, and more. Build your routine around your life so that you can stick to a routine LONG TERM & make gains.

Smartphone App

Track your training with the app - it comes with your subscription. See past workouts to help you stay on track, record the weights you lift & watch videos of all the lifts in your program.

Facebook Group

Weekly Form Checks, exclusive content & other people just like you taking names & making gains. Having a program to follow is great, but let's make sure you're following it properly too.

Progress Tracker

Every time you check-in, the Dashboard stores your info; your pics; your measurements; and then uses that data to make changes to your nutrition plan. Everything gets thrown into a graph so you can easily track your progress in the long term.

Program Updates

Every time you check-in, your nutrition plan will be updated automatically. Your calories and macros change in line with your progress, pushing you closer towards your goals in less time, while you keep eating foods you love and living your life.

Coaching Support

I'm with you, because this is the journey that I was on. I built this program to help people just like me find a love for training and effortlessly controlling their body composition - reach me at any time inside the Facebook Group, or send me an email & we can chat.

Cancel At Anytime

If you hate it or want to move on, just send me an email. There's no lock in contract.

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