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Personalised Nutrition

Our detailed Physique Quiz will tailor your nutrition protocol to your body composition, diet history & goals to help you build your goal physique. Every week you check-in, the MyPhysique system will make any necessary changes to continue updating your nutrition plan to push you closer to your goal.

Do It Your Way

You're in complete control. Change any of your settings at any time - change your training template, your dieting experience, incorporate high/ low carb days, or even change the ratio of carbs to fats you prefer in your diet so you can eat more of the foods you like & less of the ones you don't.

MyPhysique Smartphone App

Use the MyPhysique app to take your workouts with you & track all of your lifts, watch instructional videos for all of the exercises in your training templates & work towards hitting new PRs with other members of MyPhysique.

Private Facebook Group

Jump into the MyPhysique Facebook Group & take advantage of Live Q&As, educational golden nuggets and network with other like-minded individuals tracking their macros & making gains, just like you. Plus, you'll gain access to a tonne of exclusive content from all of our contributors, only available to MyPhysique members.

Ultimate Progress Tracker

Every single progress metric logged from every single progress check-in is stored, logged & tracked to give you a better understanding of how you're progressing. Keep track of everything from your weight, waist, hip, arm & leg measurements to your progress photos and access them in easy to read graph & table forms to better visualise how far you've come. You can even create instant transformation photos to compare specific weeks of your protocol to one another.

Weekly Check-Ins & Program Updates

Check-in each week with all of your progress metrics so the advanced MyPhysique coaching system can revise your macros in real time, based on how you’re moving towards your designated nutrition goal. You'll still maintain complete control over your dieting experience, while we ensure you're eating appropriately for your goal of choice.

Coaching Support

Take advantage of our designated two-pronged support system. An extensive, ever-expanding FAQ site updated daily, in addition to a team of coaches available to answer your every question, query & concern to make your MyPhysique experience as seamless & effortless as possible.

Cancel At Anytime

We put you in complete control of more than just your diet. We won't lock you in - if you get sick of us we won't hold it against you. No need for back & forth emails, you can cancel at any time with the click of a button.

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