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How can I cancel my account?

With the click of a button - there are no lock-in contracts. Top right corner. Click 'Subscription'. Cancel subscription. God speed!

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My goals revolve around fitness, endurance or aerobics, is MyPhysique for me?

MyPhysique can work well for endurance athletes & people looking to improve their fitness because of its adaptive nature, however the training programs included in your smartphone app primarily focus on strength, hypertrophy & power. If you're looking to get stronger, build more muscle or improve your power within your athletic gaosl, then brilliant we can help.

As far as nutrition is concerned, endurance athletes do tend to require a relatively large calorie intake to support their activity, and the system will ultimately detect this based on data collected at weigh-ins and adjust the macro recommendations accordingly as you complete check-ins over time.

Primarily, MyPhysique has been designed for those people looking to improve their body composition, strength & confidence.

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What if I don't like an exercise in my program?

Generally speaking, your workouts have been created with the most up to date evidence-based research to ensure you have enough of what you need combined with a lot of what you want to achieve your nominated goal, however if you really don't like an exercise inside your program you can use the substitution button (located to the left of the SAVE button on the exercise data entry screen) to swap it out for another exercise. If you are going to do this, we'd highly recommend you select an exercise in the 'Select a similar exercise' drop down menu.

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What if I fall off the plan or don't check-in every week?

The MyPhysique can only make changes in-line with the progress reporting you provide it with. If you fall off the wagon or don't check-in for a number of weeks, simply check-in at your next opportunity & the MyPhysique algorithm will advise on how best to move forward. Simply put, the more consistency & good dietary habits you can create, the easier it will be for the algorithm to make educated decisions on how best to move forward.

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What's the difference between flexible dieting & 'IIFYM'?


Some people might suggest that the term 'flexible dieting' considers nutrition in a more holistic fashion than simply hitting your three macronutrient targets each day, but so long as you're hitting your macros, consuming plenty of healthy foods and consuming adequate fibre, it won't matter what you call it.

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