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How quickly can I begin?

As quickly as it takes you to fill out our brief questionnaire & get you into the system. Once you've run through the registration process & entered your payment details, you'll be immediately taken to your dashboard where you'll be able to access your daily calorie & macro targets, revise them further in line with your personal preferences & access your training program.

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My goals revolve around fitness, endurance or aerobics, is MyPhysique for me?

MyPhysique can work well for endurance athletes & people looking to improve their fitness because of its adaptive nature, however the training programs included in your smartphone app primarily focus on strength, hypertrophy & power. If you're looking to get stronger, build more muscle or improve your power within your athletic gaosl, then brilliant we can help.

As far as nutrition is concerned, endurance athletes do tend to require a relatively large calorie intake to support their activity, and the system will ultimately detect this based on data collected at weigh-ins and adjust the macro recommendations accordingly as you complete check-ins over time.

Primarily, MyPhysique has been designed for those people looking to improve their body composition, strength & confidence.

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What if I want to change my goals?

That's fine. Head to the dashboard & press the 'Change Goal' button. The MyPhysique system will revise everything in accordance with the changes you're wanting to make.

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What is reverse dieting & why would I select it as a goal?

Reverse dieting is the process of removing you from a calorie deficit after you finish a period of deficit dieting.

While most people finish their diet and binge, or go straight into ‘bulking,’ reverse dieting encourages a slower, steadier transition where you raise calories gradually.

This prevents overloading your body with calories and gaining too much fat in a quick fashion. Where your metabolism drops when you diet, going straight back to a theoretical maintenance level can result in excess fat gain. Reverse dieting prevents this, as it will allow you to more gradually enter a surplus and control the rate at which you do so, rather than diving head first into eating at a surplus.

If you've finished a period of dieting & are happy with your body composition but no longer wish to continue dieting, simply change your goal inside the Dashboard & we'll look to increase your intake at the desired rate (based on the specific rate you choose to reverse diet).

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